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Factors that promote the rapid development of refractory industry has what

source:Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd  date:2015-01-07  number: Secondary

°°°°Refractory is currently one of the fastest growing industries, mainly due to the development of many areas of the product have played a catalytic role, of course, the interests are mutual, the development of many industries also contributed to the refractory the rapid development of the industry.

°°°°Refractories is a is a resistance to high temperatures without softening, melting inorganic non-metallic materials, widely used in metallurgy industry, chemical industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing. Our country is a big country resources, all kinds of mineral resources, mineral resources are among the highest in the world, magnesite and graphite mineral resources is also very rich, it also gives the development of refractories is a big advantage, greatly facilitate the rapid development of the industry. Meanwhile, China's metallurgy, iron and steel industry is in the peak of development, is an important industry in support of the national economy, and the development of these industries are inseparable refractory applications, the development of such products also contributed to the refractory industry fast development of. In addition, the second five planning and implementation, we can see the state of industrial energy consumption requirements are getting higher and higher, the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry must also accelerate the speed of execution, it is necessary to ensure that, to strengthen the foundation of the smelting process, reduce the molten iron, molten steel pollution, so, like the demand for carbon brick, castable, air brick, lightweight refractory bricks and other products is also constantly increasing, it also requires manufacturers to improve refractory refractory products and technological content value, thus contributing to the development of refractory industry.

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