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The use of temperature and light brick purpose which

source:Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd  date:2015-01-07  number: Secondary

°°°°Light is a modern brick building more suitable new building wall materials, its wide range of applications, convenient and simple construction, high strength, shock resistance and other advantages prominent, widely welcomed by the people, but it is also a product of refractories, has good fire resistance, suitable for a variety of industrial furnace masonry cellar.

°°°°Light brick built house insulation, noise, seismic, rugged beauty, breathable, comfortable and cozy, etc. for modern people to live, work, play provides a comfortable living environment, is a modern construction industry best wall material. At the same time it has a good thermal conductivity, good thermal stability, high strength, high-temperature furnace with modern factories and enterprises cellar construction, and its use of high temperature, usually in the 1600-1770 °ś, direct contact with the flame, durable, modern high temperature refractory material commonly used enterprise facility. Thus, light brick in our daily lives can be said to be very widespread use in the future development of the construction industry, this product must be completely replace the traditional sintered bricks, to provide people with more convenient.

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